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Monday, May 12, 2008

MOVED. Yes, already.

Link please :D

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm hating stagnant tagboards and constant updating of links and same ol' boring skin. SO, I'm switching to LJ. Soon. Not now. Because I realised is taken by some kuku nehneh who doesn't update. AAAAAAAHOLE.

If I make the switch now, I'd have to take, and it's too fricking long. J-Y-I, short and best for lazy people. But then if I feel spontaneous one day, I might just settle for it.

Aww, all my hits will be gone. Everything will start over from LJ. But it's okay. I've grown past the I-want-fame phase. Blogging is just blogging. It'll get me (AND YOU) nowhere. A couple bucks from it is nothing.

Deadline for change: 30th June, 2008.


Friday, May 02, 2008

Stayed over at Mama's for 2 days & ate dinner with her at Sg Flyer(:
The place was awesome. Food, ambience, people.

Some lobster thing.

Pizzaaaaaaaaaa. Only the best(:

In class now. ITA1.

This is 1C01's fav lecturer. Hmm.
And Sophie's Ma'am. Hahahha.


The backrow shoppers. Haha.
Jolyn, JiaNing &Sophie.

Kkkkkk, pay attention in class.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Dreaming every night, but I haven't had any nice dreams lately. I think it's because my life is well and ideal. It's a dream itself. School, Lv.
Last night, I dreamt that Mama broke her leg and the ambulance took an hour to come. Woke up frightened and in a trance. Part of me thought it was real so I went out to check.

Blog-hopping and landed on ____'s blog:

I realised, everyone has the ability to feel. It seems like a common knowledge already but no, not everyone knows it. So don't read this and think like I would have yesterday.

I used to think, subconsciously, that only people who know how to express how they feel, knows how to feel. Expressing in terms of writing/blogging about it in poetry-like language or telling others. Those that summarise it in a single "I am sad" don't count. Sometimes I look at someone and conclude that he/she doesn't know how to feel just because he/she doesn't look the emotional-sort.

Very very wrong.
My views have been revamped.

Some people keep their emotions to themselves. Some, like a young child, simply don't have the grasp of the language to express themselves as freely. They just don't know how to put their experience into words. It doesn't mean they don't get affected as much as you and I.

It happens to me at times. What I am experiencing may be very strong but I just don't know how to make it sound right and so, I give up.

"I am sad" IS an expression too.

What's impressive is not using one bombastic word for every 3 words. What's impressive is to use:

"sad" instead of "heartrending",
"angry" instead of "irate",
"helpless" instead of "susceptible",
"desperate" instead of "fraught",

and still be able to evoke understanding. Not many can do it and only those who can are awe-worthy. So what if you are a walking thesaurus (the dictionary!)? It means shit when you don't bring your thoughts across.

Everyone can feel.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm only blogging this cause I promised the KUKU I'll post the unglam pictures.
And because I personally find the pictures too funny.

"Ahma, why're you playing with your fake teeth?!" -KUKU

Na, your favourite chipmunk picture.



Hello, people.

I think my class is very very fun.
You wouldn't believe how surprised I am to find myself enjoy being in 1C01.
It's an all-girls + 1 guy class. 'Nuff said.

Webcam shot.

I don't know how to say it.
It's a big clique but everyone is considerate towards everyone.
You wait for someone when she buys herself a drink and walk back together.
Late for class together. Everything, together.

Note to self: Time to revamp sexist ideas.

Sophie, JiaNing, Jolyn.

Lifen, Sara, Isadora.

Elaine, Huiwen.

One more thing.
MAYBE we're gonna appear on some promote-ngeeann thing next year, and it's not pretty at all. It's us #01 staring blankly at my computer and #02 being unglam with mouths wide open.
Wait and see.

IT lesson: BORE.
So the back row goes online shopping! Jolyn, JiaNing, Sophie &Jiayi.
It's a bad thing cause now I have no idea what the assignment was :/

Long day of school tomorrow. But finished lecture notes, so yay.


Have been to Vivo almost everyday with Lv.
Haha. It's like the best place to be. Just came back from there.
Super shag and I'M BLEEEEEDING (love).

Wrapped Kenneth's present with the super $2 paper.
But his shirt is nice lor. Haha.

P/s: Happy Birthdayyyyyyyy, Gor :D

YESSSSSSSSS, finally got my white backpack.
It's very very pretty. But maybe a little small. Just realised.

Lv. likes this too :D

Okay, short post because I'm really shag now.
Didn't sleep for the whole night :/
Shall blog more later.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

School at 2pm, home at 4pm.
That's how slack we are. Typed notes the whole day, because there's nothing else to do.

I super miss Lv.

Couldn't get to meet him today. Maybe tomorrow as well. And Saturday. Definitely Sunday. Torturous lah.

It's alright, study hard ok(:

His smell, our Vivo char kway tiao, the small long talks together, Daiso shopping, watching movies and of course, walking home.
All these have to wait till we meet again.

Speaking of movies, we watched 3 movies in 3 consecutive days.
That spells CRAZY AND BROKE.

Untraceable, The Forbidden Kingdom, Superhero movie.
Not bad, nice, hilarious.

His ugly nail, which I painted. Haha. So fricking gay.

Lv. came Ngee Ann to meet me and stoned @ OurSpace.
Ate sandwiches from the vending machine.
Proud to say: NO DIARRHOEA. (Lousy Tiff!)

It's pretty good for a vending machine.

See you on Monday, hopefully.
Xoxo :D

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My first batch of pictures from school!
1C01 is getting better now. Pretty much united except for a few strays.

One module of mine: Play.
And what do we do in this module? Play.

We had to construct something from scrap materials.

The group beside us.

My group: Sophie, Lifen, Clarrissa &Aifah!
Decided to make a giraffe :D

Sticked flower petals for it's body(:

That's Aifah, with the giraffe's head and body.

That's the head. But we modified it later on.

End productttt! With the super long tail. Haha.
We named it Giffy :D

Seeeeeeeeee! Giffy has hairrrrr! Hahahaha.
So cute right. Haha. The black straws are the eyes and the gold thing are the ears.

Then the other groups' toys.


School ends @ 10am today. Which means, school ended alr :D